Yodifee stands for Youth with Disabilities Foundation for Education and Employment

Yodifee grew out of LaValla Primary School for children with physical disabilities, a school created and run by the Marist Brothers. Yodifee itself started operating in 2002 through funds received by The Marist Mission Centre in Australia(MMC).

Marist Solidarity Cambodia (MSC) is a Cambodian non-governmental organization, based in Takhmao in the Kandal district, that seeks to empower young Cambodians with disabilities through education and training, leading to employment and self sufficiency.

Yodifee merged with MSC in 2012 carrying on its mission to help the youth who had graduated from LaValla School. Many of these young people were struggling to become self-sufficient even though they had received a basic education.


MSC provides the support needed for students to be able to participate in these programmes, such as accommodation, food, transport, and schooling costs. Our home for young people in Takhmao, Villa Maria, which also serves as our main premises, is an example of this. This home is supported by many donors including MMC and Fondazione Aiutare i Bambini.

Vocational Training

We also offer vocational training, sometimes through locally based service providers such as The Jesuit Training Centre in Kandal, and after that has been completed, we offer microfinance options – the chance to access a low interest or interest–free loan and in some cases a grant to help set up an individual business. Many Cambodian youths with disabilities also train and find work through our Yodicraft and Yodifarms initiatives.


Yodifee’s work has now expanded. Because of the generosity of our donors, we decided not to limit ourselves to LaValla graduates, and now offer our services to many other disabled youths from around the country. For example we now provide schooling assistance to over 300 children from areas of Cambodia. Our microfinance plan can also be accessed by other disabled Cambodians who have not trained with us.

We feel that the way that Yodifee operates has always resembled a family more than any other type of unit, with all the triumphs and tribulations that such a situation inevitably brings with it. We are very proud of this, particularly as we see the Yodifee family grow and develop.

Projects Sections

Villa Maria

Villa Maria is a home for physically disabled young people, in Takhmao, about 14 km from Phnom Penh. Over 75 youths call Villa Maria home, particularly during the school year, although there is a small number of residents who live here all year long.

At Villa Maria, we look after disabled children who are from poor or broken families, who have been abandoned, are orphans, or whose families live far away from any schools. We provide accommodation, meals, transport to and from school, school uniforms and equipment, as well as love and care.

Around the Takhmao area we also have another home for university students.
At Villa Maria we also provide extra tuition in English and Computer studies.

We do our utmost to provide a family atmosphere for these youngsters, encouraging their development and growth.


Yodicraft provides training and employment opportunities for young Cambodians with disabilities to become more self-sufficient. Here you see a showcase of their talents.

Sewers create beautiful products, from fashionable hand bags made from fine Cambodian silk, to cutting edge items made from recycled rice-bags. Carvers create traditional Khmer icons and household items, made from Khmer woods. Our team uses skill, imagination and flair to create stunning products.

We offer high quality goods at very competitive prices. By purchasing our goods you are helping disabled Cambodians to become self-sufficient and escape a life of poverty.

Have a look at this online shop, download our catalogue, or visit our outlet in Phnom Penh.


MSC provides schooling assistance to over 400 disabled students in rural areas throughout Cambodia.

This is done through funds received by The Stichting Liliane Fonds, a Dutch organisation, and Misereor, Germany.

Through this help, these students attend primary school, junior high school, and high school. They are provided with money to pay for tuition costs, transport to and from school, and food and living expenses.

Through the support of Misereor, Germany, MSC is proud to fund a number of youths with physical disabilities through their University courses here in Cambodia.

We are very proud of these Misereor Scholars who all commit to doing some sort of volunteer work with us or with LaValla School after finishing their respective courses.


MSC provides youth with disabilities the opportunity to gain vocational training and work experience. Many times this is done through service providers such as The Jesuit Training Centre in Kandal.

MSC takes on the responsibility to guide these youths through the process of their training, and, thanks to the generosity of our donors, provides a number of them with microfinance loans, and in some cases grants, to help them establish their own business.

At the moment MSC is offering the opportunity to train in: electronic repair, farming, hairdressing, hospitality, motorbike repair, retail, sewing and wood sculpting.

We believe that Cambodian youth with disabilities can work their way into a better economic situation.

Through the skills that they can learn by way of the training being offered, it is our hope that these youths attain a level of self-sufficiency.

We want to change the culture of begging, dependency and social exclusion, and we feel that the best way to do this is to equip disadvantaged people with the skills needed to take control of their own lives as best they can.


Yodifarm is a division of Yodifee. It aims to contributes to promoting livelihood opportunities for young people with disabilities to be independence in term of self-sufficiency. These are in the Battambang and Kampot districts. Through these projects, youth with disabilities learn the skills necessary to become farmers, with many of them encouraged to establish their own farms in other areas after their training, and become self-sufficient.
Kampot Yodifarm

Raising piglets at Yodifarm in Kampot, CambodiaKampot Yodifarm was established in 2007. We have been continuing the project so far to support our target groups’ needs respectively. Our planned significant outputs have been done such as constructions of the staff houses, a pigpen; chicken pens, a fish tank, vegetable garden etc.

The project has been currently looked after by three of our staff members, who has been ensuring that progress is being made and the necessary work is being done.
We are satisfied with our progress and the basic systems have been in place.
Day Care & Medical Centre

Daycare Centre Yodifee, CambodiaWe have opened a day-care /medical centre for disadvantaged people operating form our Kampot Yodifarm.

A daycare classroom was set up and operational for mentally handicapped children, in collaboration with Komar Pikar Foundation (KPF).

Two staff members were recruited to work at the daycare classroom (operated by KPF).

The clinic room was set up to provide counseling and treatment for the children and the poor in the vicinity.
English classes

Two English classes for local children are conducted each day. Approximately 60 children attend the classes each day. English textbooks and some stationery were given to the children.

Battambang Yodifarm

The Battambang Yodifarm is currently self-sufficient. We were planning to train two more people during 2009, and if possible help them establish their own farm after they finish training.

In the actual activities there were two members of staff work at the Battambang Yodifarm. There were a farm manager, a vet / animal caregiver. They together worked very hard to run the whole farm successfully in year 2009.

Yodifarms, CambodiaThere were 40 pigs were sold to the market.

The income received from the sales was revolved to support the running cost of the farm on the monthly wage for the responsible staffs and animal food, and animal medication.

There were 30 piglets born in October 2009 unfortunately there were 19 of them were dead after born because of the sickness.

We were planning to train two more people during 2009, and if possible help them establish their own farm after they finish training. Actually we only trained one trainee on animal raising at Battambang Yodifram. He has still being trained as well as working for the Farm as the animal caregiver with monthly wage support.

The trainees who were interested in training on animal raising were from the different provinces, most of them were from the province where are farther from Battambang province but closer to Kampot Yodifarm. So they have decided to be trained at Kampot Yodifram instead of going to be trained at the Battambang Yodifram.