Cycling for Children: Chanel College, Samoa Br Charlie Randle sm & Marist Seminarians in Rome

Dear Marist Mission Centre Friends,

Br. Charles “Charlie’ Randle is now 79 years young and still riding his bike for 500+ kms to support our Cycling for Children Appeal for the restoration of a school Education Centre at Chanel College, Samoa.

After more than 50 years working in a variety of ministries in our Province, he is enjoying living in a retirement village in Brisbane near his family. Br. Charlie had further knee surgery earlier last year and still manages to ride his bike for 25 kms most days of the week.

This year he will be joined by some of our Marist seminarians studying for the priesthood in Rome.   There are 16 Marist seminarians from 8 different countries Bougainville, Brazil, Cameroon, Fiji, Mexico, New Zealand, Senegal and Solomon Islands.

Our 2020 Cycling for Children Appeal is for the restoration of a 40 year old two story education centre built in the shape of a Samoan house – known as a FALE. This wonderful building is in an oval shape and has survived forty years of weather and cyclones in Oceania. It is now badly in need of restoration and repair.

This year the Marist Mission Centre again invites you to sponsor Br. Charlie in Brisbane and the Marist seminarians in Rome to raise funds for educational opportunities for the students at Chanel College Samoa and the alleviation of poverty in that country.

Most of the 300 students who attend Chanel College are students aged 13-18 and come from low income families or who struggle academically. Fr. Sipiliano Faka’osi sm, Vice Principal, said that ‘without Chanel Co-ed College many of them would have been lost’.

The FALE: a unique building. The ground floor is for all Health and Physical Education programs and a school gym. The first floor serves as the school assembly hall, teachers’ accommodation, and a gathering place for parents and past pupils. The education centre is available for community activities.

The project has the strong and active support of past students, parents and friends. Qualified past students are taking the lead in surveying and planning the project. An architect, carpenter and a hard ware manager are all volunteering their services to restore the FALE.

The overall aim of the project is to create a safe, secure and a healthy environment for large gatherings both in the school and the wider community. The project will have a significant impact on the morale of the school and the whole local community. It will encourage more students to further their education in Samoa. Education offers students hope and sets hearts free – it is a passport to a future.

Your generous support will assist in the restoration of this unique building and encourage young people to further their education.