Marist Solidarity Cambodia (MSC) Empowers Youth with Physical Disabilities

Marist Solidarity Cambodia (MSC) is a Cambodian non-government organisation, encompassing the LaValla School, Villa Maria Hostel, the MSC Village and other support projects for young persons with disabilities.

MSC is based in Takhmao in the Kandal district and seeks to empower young Cambodians with disabilities through education and training, leadering to employment and self-sufficiency. The Marist Mission Centre (MMC) donors have been for the past 16 years involved in supporting aspects of this project.

The LaValla School was established by the Marist Brothers in 1998. It is the only government approved school providing a full primary education to children with physical disabilities. In 2002, a local NGO “Yodifee” was established with Marist Mission Centre funding to address the needs of the recent LaValla graduates who were struggling to become self-sufficient, while Villa Maria was built in 2005 to operate as the Takhmao home for the young students with disabilities, covering food, transport and schooling costs.

In 2010 these projects were consolidated to become Marist Solidarity Cambodia, operating under the aegis of Australian Marist Solidarity. Marist Solidarity Cambodia is an NGO governed locally by its own Board of Directors and supported by the Marist Mission Centre.

Your ongoing support for these programmes is deeply appreciated.


MSC provides the support needed for students to be able to participate in the educational programmes such as accommodation, food, transport and schooling costs. The homes for young people in Takhmao are at LaValla School, Villa Maria and the new MSC Community Village. The work of Marist Solidarity Cambodia is supported by many donors including Marist Mission Centre and Australian Marist Solidarity.

Vocational Training

MSC also offers vocational training, sometimes through locally based service providers such as The Jesuit Training Centre in Kandal or a small agricultural training programme on site. After the training has been completed, microfinance options such as the chance to access a low interest loan and in some cases a grant to help set up an individual business are offered to ex-students.