Mary at Tutu, Taveuni Island, Fiji

Mary’s presence in the Early Church was dynamic. She was the first disciple of Jesus. She profoundly understood the mission of her Son. She listened deeply to the Holy Spirit.

The Marist Mission Centre is an expression of Mary in today’s Church, it brings people together in the establishment of God’s kingdom in our world. Mary, the support of the Church at its birth and at the end of time, is the model for all Marists and the Marist Mission Centre as together we respond to the call to “build a new Church”.

Like Mary , the purpose of the Society of Mary, (Marist Fathers) is to build the Church where it does not exist, and to renew existing communities rather than put its efforts in places where the Church is already established and has sufficient resources. In this light, the Marist Mission Centre recognises the Gospel call for outreach to the poor and needy and the development of the dignity of all people.


The Marist Mission Centre (MMC) aims to:

  • Spread the Gospel in the Marist way in accordance with Catholic Social Teaching Principles
  • Support the development of Marist International Missions with a special focus on the Asia-Pacific region
  • Keep MMC supporters and donors informed of MMC projects, activities and finances

MMC Administers two charities: AMCOA and MFIM


The Australian Marist Centre for Overseas Aid (AMCOA) in partnership with our Marist International networks aims to:

  • Support community development projects for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged
  • Alleviate poverty via sustainable community and education programs
  • Empower women and children and those with disabilities

Donations to AMCOA are tax deductible.

ABN 87 382 823 140


The Marist Fathers International Mission (MFIM) in partnership with our Marist International networks aims to:

  • Foster Integral Human Development
  • Capacity building of people and facilities for mission
  • Support programmes for faith development including the education of Marist Missionaries
  • Advance the social and faith development of local communities

Donations to MFIM are not tax deductible.

ABN 91 030 510 250